Now I know this isn’t the most healthy of posts or abundant in photos, still no luck on the camera front sadly. But I had success this week with deep-frying. Normally when I fry anything in either batter or crumbs, it falls off and I end up with “naked” chicken and a lot of random bits of batter clogging up my oil.

Chinese style batter

  • 1 egg
  • a pinch of backing powder
  • salt and pepper
  • a pinch of sugar
  • enough flour to thicken
  • a little water to thin down
  • what ever you wish to batter
  • oil or ghee
  1. Crack the egg into a mixing bowl and beat, add the seasoning and then enough flour to have the right amount of batter for you.
  2. Add baking powder and sugar mix, slowly add water till the mixture thins down a little, try to keep the batter as smooth as possible.
  3. Heat the oil or ghee on a medium heat, use a small pan and fry in batches so you use less fat.
  4. Dip the chosen object in batter making sure it is fully coated and then carefully place in the batter. cook for approximately 2 minutes on either side, then fish out and place on kitchen roll.

I served this with a sweet and sour sauce with noodles, it would go equally well with most oriental sauces or as a replacement to shop bought chicken dippers.

A brief note on the batter:

Though it crisped well it was a little heavy so possibly substitute the cold water for beer, to get a lighter batter, if you are going to have them without sauce i would suggest adding some garlic, ginger or chilli to the batter mix to give it some extra flavour.