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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Sorry its been a while, this whole senior honours thing is harder than it looks, plus my camera died as you all know. But its a new year, a new camera (yay!) and another set of exams to procrastinate away from!

So firstly I hope every one had a happy new year, I did, I spent my new year in the lake district eating lots and lots of food, and walking up hills and climbing. I love the lake districts it’s always pretty what ever the season and this winter it was beautiful, as you may recall it was freezing around christmas and this mean that the lakes had frozen over. That is quite impressive I mean 2 square miles of water frozen right across.

brrr cold

One of the piers where in better weather you can get a ferry across the lake.

So as New year happens you tend to make a resolution, this year I made two, one I intend to stick to, and one I will try my hardest to but will probably only half manage. So here they are:

  1. To eat better quality meat. That is to say I will get all my meat from butcher or farm shops or if I have to get it from a super market, I will not buy value. This resolution will probably mean I eat less meat but I feel it’s a stepI should be taking.
  2. To write on here more often, to be honest I don’t think it’ll be every day or even every week but probably every fortnight.

Finally I leave you with an image of whats to come.

Apparently this is a butternut squash, its huge i have made 3meals with it so far and still havent finished!


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