So last time I posted here over 20 months ago I made you a promise, to blog more, what I didn’t realise then was that the coming months would be a whirl wind of preparing for real life. Passing exams, applying to postgrad places, running off to interviews, drowning sorrows at rejections, re applying, passing more exams, writing a dissertation, attending more interviews, celebrating getting a post grad place, passing my degree and graduating! There is also a whole load of social stuff in there that I just don’t have time to manage. Now I write to you not as an undergraduate but as some one who has an MPhys from St Andrews and will soon be starting their PhD, not a great time to re start my blogging but when is?

I’ve had a very long summer about 4 months and when I haven’t been jetting off around europe, nannying in Italy and exploring the alps in France, I’ve been at home in my village with not much to do, so I did what all good foodies do, and I’ve expanded my recipe list. I perfect some oldies and some favourites, learnt a whole new set of quick suppers and been very experimental, Smoked salmon muffins were a great surprise  So I hope to blog my new set of quick suppers and give you the recipe for smoked salmon Muffins. Hopefully this time I wont let you down.

Oh and I got the best late birthday present ever off my parents, Nigella’s Kitchen book, it and Delia Smith’s complete cookery are my two food bibles, so expect adaptations and general posts about how amazing Nigella is, though DO NOT get me started on her tv shows.

Me looking overly happy about the arrival of Nigella’s Kitchen!