Food from a Physicist who loves to cook

Hello Everyone,

I am a Foodie Physicist, I have an MPhys in theoretical physics and mathematics and a PhD. in Engineering for particle accelerators and am a self-proclaimed foodie. I am currently living in Berlin Germany and loving the food scene over here. I have returned to the blog with the aim of cooking some new recipes and sharing my favourites.

I love to cook, it’s how I relax and always has been. I’d say I’ve been cooking for a long time now but my first year at university was the first time I cooked every meal for myself, so I got a bit more experimental and made mistakes like we all do. Now I’ve got to grips with what I like to cook, but haven’t stopped experimenting. I’m very keen on locally sourced food and my favourite thing about living in Germany is the fabulous weekly markets, where yo ca get great local seasonal products. I think food is an adventure and something you should enjoy and share.



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