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So last time I posted here over 20 months ago I made you a promise, to blog more, what I didn’t realise then was that the coming months would be a whirl wind of preparing for real life. Passing exams, applying to postgrad places, running off to interviews, drowning sorrows at rejections, re applying, passing more exams, writing a dissertation, attending more interviews, celebrating getting a post grad place, passing my degree and graduating! There is also a whole load of social stuff in there that I just don’t have time to manage. Now I write to you not as an undergraduate but as some one who has an MPhys from St Andrews and will soon be starting their PhD, not a great time to re start my blogging but when is?

I’ve had a very long summer about 4 months and when I haven’t been jetting off around europe, nannying in Italy and exploring the alps in France, I’ve been at home in my village with not much to do, so I did what all good foodies do, and I’ve expanded my recipe list. I perfect some oldies and some favourites, learnt a whole new set of quick suppers and been very experimental, Smoked salmon muffins were a great surprise  So I hope to blog my new set of quick suppers and give you the recipe for smoked salmon Muffins. Hopefully this time I wont let you down.

Oh and I got the best late birthday present ever off my parents, Nigella’s Kitchen book, it and Delia Smith’s complete cookery are my two food bibles, so expect adaptations and general posts about how amazing Nigella is, though DO NOT get me started on her tv shows.

Me looking overly happy about the arrival of Nigella’s Kitchen!


I know I haven’t posted in a while, what with holidays and freshers week and basic laziness but now as term starts I hope to have more recipes for you. But for now I just want to say, please watch Ramsey’s best restaurant, the episode on the indian restaurants as one of them is an absolutely amazing place in Bradford, that if you ever have a chance to go to, take it!


So for a couple of days now, I’ve been hankering to cook chicken livers, I’m not sure why it might be this post on Flavourgasm But I wanted to cook them, so I wandered down my village to my butchers and got myself half a pound of chicken livers, it was 77p, SEVENTY SEVEN PENCE, I was amazed. Another amazing cheap meat available at my butchers is Lamb neck, at £2.99 for 3 it was great value and they braise very nicely.

Now what to do with them? I liked the idea of the risotto but I don’t have truffle oil, so I looked around and found an interesting recipe in an old good food for Baby spinach and chicken liver salad. I moved some bits around and this is what I got.

Chicken Liver and Rocket salad

  • half pound of chicken livers
  • 3 rashers of bacon, or pancetta
  • 2 cloves of garlic thinly sliced
  • 1/2 tsp of ground coriander, cinnamon and garam masala
  • sherry vinegar
  • white wine
  • 3tbsp oil
  • fresh rocket
  1. Trim the liver of any sinews and cut into bite size pieces. Heat oil in a large frying pan. Add bacon and fry for a few minutes, add the finely chopped garlic and cook for a further 2 mins. Add the spice, and fry for another minute.
  2. Reduce heat and add the chicken livers, season and cook till crusty on outside and pink in the middle.
  3. Add the sherry vinegar and stir, in then add a splash of wine, simmer to get a thickish sauce. Place the livers and bacon onto the rocket and reduce the sauce down further. Then drizzle over the top.

Liver salad

Enjoy as a light bite or a side dish on a warm summer night like tonight. Liver is lovely and cheap but this meal makes it seem expensive.

S0 I’ve only been home less than 24hrs and since yesterday we had to have a quick tea, so we could make it to see Russel Howard!  I have yet to really cook anything here, but being back in my old room has been fun, and so I felt I should share some photos with you.

My desk/Dresser

Here is my desk, or more accurately my dressing table, as it is too small to write on, I had a bit of a clear out and found all these old photos which I think are amazing so I used them, who wouldn’t.

Brooches and pictures

Can you tell I like sparkly things? Oh I also like ducks.

Rubber ducks

This is about half of my collections, the rest live up in the bubble with me, one day I will reunite them all but not right now I don’t think. Finally I want to finish with a picture I took on holiday in New York, it hangs opposite my bed and always reminds me of the fun parts of that trip.

New york snow

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