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As I mentioned, I’m a physicist.

A geek

A Nerd


Anyway at the moment my project requires me to code! To write programs, and processes in a language I don’t really understand, a language that when I mention it to my friends who do programme, they actually look scared, it’s not reassuring.

Well today I had a small victory! Hurrah, I managed to create a program which interfaces with my computer, and powers a pair of solenoids, if I type “y” they turn on, if I type “n” they turn off, I was very pleased with myself. However coding takes it out of you, it crawls into your brain and muddles things, hence there being no real recipe here, which is a pity, and is why there was no post yesterday, but I promise a full recipe post with pictures soon.

As well as my solenoids, today I was looking at writing programs that print something on a screen, well in a slight fit or boredom I created a code that prints a message as though some one is trapped in  the computer, this kept me amused for quite a while. I’ve taken some screen prints so you can all see, I would have made a movie if I knew how, anyway, it made me giggle.

Man trappd in a computer


So in celebration of my small victory and the lovely weather we have had today, I made a cocktail, I do love making up cocktails, and I’d appreciate comments or recipe for your favourite cocktail. Here is what I made today.

Summer Blush


  • Ice lots of ice!!
  • Elderflower cordial (mine is homemade, I’ll try to find the recipe)
  • White wine
  • Hibiscus flowers in syrup (Lakeland is a good place to get them)

Put the ice and elderflower in the glass, then add the wine, mine was about half cordial half wine, which is quite sweet, but then I have a sweet tooth. Now add a little hibiscus syrup to make it that lovely pinky red or alternatively put the hibiscus flower in first then pour the wine on. The colour of this cocktail is so bright and summery it really picked me up.

Elderflower and hibiscus summer blush


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