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S0 I’ve only been home less than 24hrs and since yesterday we had to have a quick tea, so we could make it to see Russel Howard!  I have yet to really cook anything here, but being back in my old room has been fun, and so I felt I should share some photos with you.

My desk/Dresser

Here is my desk, or more accurately my dressing table, as it is too small to write on, I had a bit of a clear out and found all these old photos which I think are amazing so I used them, who wouldn’t.

Brooches and pictures

Can you tell I like sparkly things? Oh I also like ducks.

Rubber ducks

This is about half of my collections, the rest live up in the bubble with me, one day I will reunite them all but not right now I don’t think. Finally I want to finish with a picture I took on holiday in New York, it hangs opposite my bed and always reminds me of the fun parts of that trip.

New york snow


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