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Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week, it has been my last week working on my project and my last week in  the bubble for  a while, in fact as a type I’m just over half way through my horrifically long  journey home. So with it being the last week I have been emptying the fridge and cooking unusual combination of foods none of them blog worthy.

I haven’t had the energy to cook recently either, I get into work at 9 30, and by 10 I am dressed in a paper jumpsuit, complete with hairnet, blue plastic shoe covers and gloves, I then step into the world of the clean room, with its eiry orange light, that reduces the UV, and its constant hum of air flow, which gets worse when machines are turned on. I will then be in that room till lunch, and then again after lunch, working with machines that scare me just a little bit, and post grads who look at me with distain.So by the end of the day all I want to do is sleep.

This is however all over, and though i will enjoy having a break i will also miss it quite a bit, it’s been excited and well interesting. But heading home means that i will be cooking a lot, both at home and in Chamonix, where I have been informed that myself and the eldest of the family I am traveling with, will be the chefs for the two weeks we will be there. I’m actually looking forward to it. Though there wont be any posts during that time, I will be writing a food journal and taking photos of what I eat. SO hope fully this blog with get more interesting.

Anyways I shall try to have another recipe up on here soon. Bye!


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