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So I’ve been in the bubble now for 7 Days. For those of you who don’t inhabit it yourselves, the bubble is St Andrews. I guess it’s called the bubble for a few reasons, it’s pretty secluded for one, everybody kind of knows everybody else and it’s got it’s own microclimate. Very Bubble like.

So I’ve been back a week, freshers last week, and so hectic and busy and mad. Today Lectures started again, and since I’m in senior honours they have piled on the work, with online lectures and tutorials and books to look up in the library. All very scary. Plus with this being my third year here, I’m allowed to adopt my own little academic children to mess with, so far I have two little American children – yay!

Framing the bridge

Anyway, back to the food. Today has been a hard day, only one lecture but over 2 hrs of personal study already and that’s scary. Plus I’m really not sure I’ve fully recovered from freshers, so a hearty meal is in order.

Haggis Stuffed Chicken with rich Gravy

  • Chicken ( I used de boned thighs but breast would probably be better)
  • Haggis (Shamefully mine came from a can but hey it was cheap.)
  • Stock
  • Whiskey
  • Seasoning
  • Cream
  1. De bone the chicken if you are using thighs, and place about a teaspoon of haggis in the middle, roll this into a tube, imagine the haggis is the bone, and tie in place.
  2. Brown the chicken in a pan with a little oil, then roast in the oven at about 200.
  3. In the pan you browned the chicken in, add about half a pint of stock, if you like you can add a little haggis to this. To the stock and haggis add some cream, the amount depends on how you like your gravy. Finally add a little whiskey, I used about a tbsp, and then season with pepper.

This was served with cabbage, parsnip and pots, all mashed together, and as per usual  when I mash I got the

proportions wrong. Sorry there are no photos of the actual food I have a new camera and can’t quite figure out the flash, so everything is overly bright, plus it’s not the prettiest of meals anyway. Hope you all like it.


So I’ve had a busy weekend away from the bubble, which is why I didn’t manage to update. I was in Glasgow, seeing friends and family, which was great. It was lovely to see everyone and get a break from work.

A selection of my favourite food

My cousins husband, cooked an amazing tea for us on the Saturday night, it was tai chicken curry with noodles, and was absolutely fantastic, I’m going to be stealing the recipe for sure. He’s also amazing at cocktails; he put my pathetic attempts to shame, so Saturday was amazing.

Getting home on Sunday night, I was exhausted, but quite hungry, so after rushing to do the food shopping before everywhere closed I decided to make fondue. This made me very excited for my holiday to Chamonix later this month, where I will hopefully be eating a lot of traditional Savoyard food, and fondue is the perfect example.

Can do cheese fondue

  • Cheese, a mix of hard strong cheese like gruyer and a soft cheese like brie
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Rosemary
  • White wine
  • Flour
  • Bread for dipping

Three key ingredients

  1. Peel the cloves of garlic and crush with flat of a knife, and then rub around the bottom and sides of the pan. Leave the cloves in the pan, to infuse into the mixture, and deepen the taste.
  2. Then add some white wine, about 200ml depending on how much you are making, turn up the heat and allow the wine to simmer/boil.
  3. While waiting for the wine to boil, chop the cheese into small chunks, and when the wine is boiling, at the cheese a few pieces at a time, making sure you whisk it lots and lots.
  4. Keep whisking until you have a smooth consistency, if needed add a little flour to thicken up the mixture, and season with pepper and rosemary. Serve piping hot in the pan, and eat by dipping chunks of bread into the molten cheese.

This is a simple, yet flashy meal, that will impress, without taking you ages to prepare, plus, it’s so much fun dipping the bread in the cheese and trying to catch the strings. Be careful though it is very easy to overdose on cheese with this recipe.

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